12.01.11 Z-Torque Is Now Here ! 

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05.01.10 Z-Torque Is Almost Here !

Z-Torque production pictures.  Stay tuned our ordering section is expected to open soon... 


12.27.10 Z-Torque Production Has Started

Z-Torque production has started.  Stay tuned our ordering section is expected to open soon... 


10.01.10 Z-Torque Website Launch is now up and running.  Please be sure to check back often for latest updates on this amazing invention.  The Ordering section will be available within the next few months once we have finalized that last few details of our manufacturing process.

12.01.04 FAU Human Powered Sub Testing

FAU Human Powered Submarine Team receives their first set of Z-Torque cranks and begins testing.  Our cranks assisted them in setting a new speed record for that sub of 6.1 knots.  That year they earned a 2nd place finish for speed in the two man category and 3rd fastest overall at the 8th International Submarine Races.

01.10.99 Computrainer Testing Completed

11.23.96 Titanium Test Prototypes Finished

01.22.95 Pressure Testing Completed

11.05.94 Prototype Test Ride Completed