The Inventor


Short Biography of Glenn Coment

The best way to sum up Glenn Coment's life is machinery. His mother still tells ,the story of when he was just two; she would give him a wind up clock to keep him busy. The neighbors would ask, "What's he doing?" She would just tell them to watch and he would disassemble the old clock and then put it back together. Afterwards it could be wound up and it would still run.

From an early age he would spend time at his father's garage. His father who began his career as a fireman on a steam locomotive attended Cummins Diesel school, and then opened his own shop converting large gas trucks to diesel. Years later Glenn's father opened a shop doing automobile repair. Being around machinery all the time taught Glenn how things worked. Using this knowledge, Glenn would often design and build small inventions for his friends. For instance, when his brother's small motorbike kept overheating he designed and built a new cooling system, which cured the problem.

At a later age he started racing go-karts. Using his knowledge and ingenious ideas to make changes to his own motors. He was soon forced to move up to the highest class, since there was no one in his class fast enough to compete with. Even in the higher class he still won about a third of the races he entered.

While going to college he still worked with his father. But then opened his own auto repair shop which specialized in engine building and modifications. He spent the next sixteen years repairing autos and building racing motors for streetcars, stock cars, scca sports cars, drag cars, and vintage racecars. Not only did he build the engines, but also was often the crew chief for the teams that fielded the cars.

During this time he also invented two interesting devices. Though patents were never issued on them. The Hydro-air Economizer, which cut the cost of running a central air conditioning unit. And the Venturi Valve, which improved the performance of a gasoline engine while increasing gas mileage by three miles per gallon on the average car.

At the end of this time the shop was closed due to a family illness and the fact Glenn was marketing a stock car racing game called " Victory Lane The Game". A game that he had invented and designed.

Glenn has spent his whole life working on and improving machinery. He worked as a machinist for a while, then for a company that made special vehicles for Boeing Aircraft. But now has returned to auto repair where he has nearly fifty years experience.

The Z-Torque Evolution

One day he was riding his old ten-speed bike a few miles to a friend's house for exercise. It was a very windy day, which helped to push him there. But on the return trip he was slowed by a large head wind. Glenn kept gearing down until he was in the lowest gear, going slower than if he had been walking. He decided at this point there must be some way to improve performance.

He was still thinking about it that night when he went to bed. That night he had a vivid dream. He was on a bike going very fast with wind whipping through his hair. When he looked down to see how this was possible, he noticed the crank arms had been replaced by a giant letter Z. When Glenn woke up he jotted the letter Z down.

After thinking about it he decided it was two crank arms together forming what looked like a Z. So he took a coat hanger wire and bent it into an axle with one of the crank arms forming half of the Z. When he revolved it in his hands he found that this crank assembly was different from any other crank assembly ever made. Except for top dead center and bottom dead center, this crank had no dead spots. He was amazed. And in future testing would find that during a rider's maximum effort, power increases at a bikes rear wheel of20-25% were possible.